“Armonia della natura”

Harmony in nature” always respect the environment.
The Silvio Carta company can be classified as GREEN and in harmony with nature.

  • Italia
  • Vin
  • 1929 Første produksjon

Silvio Carta SRL

Silvio Carta was born in 1929 in Baratili San Pietro – a small agricultural town 10k from Oristano – into a peasant family. It’s the year of The Great Depression and, like many other parts of the world, Sardinia suffered its devastating consequences. The Carta family made ends meet thanks to limited supplies coming from farming and sheep rearing. In the following years, the situation worsened with the start of the Second World War.

After the war, Baratilesi – the inhabitants of Baratili San Pietro – like Silvio started to farm a vine variety ecotype that produced Vernaccia, a unique wine with incomparable organoleptic properties.

Soon, it became the most sought-after wine of the region and Baratili San Pietro was now a well-known and renowned town beyond Sardinia’s borders. Whoever was producing Vernaccia became well-off. Whether they were selling the grape or the wine.

At the beginning of the ‘60s, Vernaccia was a hit everywhere. It was a wine that costed four times more than others because – in spring and summer – its characteristics were intensified while other wines could not guarantee the same stability. During this period, the Silvio Carta company built a big cellar in order to accommodate more than 3,000,000 litres of ageing Vernaccia.

The end of the ‘70s saw a change in the consumer lifestyle that brought the Silvio Carta company to build a distillery and a liquor-making facility in order to seize the opportunity and produce typical Sardinian liquors and spirits.


Dry fortified wine min. 18.0°, Sweet fortified wine min. 16.5°
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